Freedom and Terrorisms

The world should differentiate between the right of expression, freedom of speech and attacking others, insulting others, Infringement of the rights of others.

The unclear definition of terrorism is affecting the world, what the meaning of terrorism, till now in this world there is no united definition about the word, but in fact the word terrorism is come from terrorize, and it come from making people   fear, all people not only related to certain religion or certain nation or certain people, any act affecting people and make them fear, this act can consider terrorism.

 From where terrorism is starting, coming and generated?

  actually  there should be a creative way to think and define and face  this terrorism , and as the rule say “ For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction “ this rule is a scientific rule, if we apply it in what happens these days around the world , when we find  extremely fanatic people  are  attacking certain party by default they  will create extremely fanatic people in the  opposite side , that should be known , and if we talk about what happen these days in Sweden   , when the government allows fanatic person to burn the holy book for Muslims ,   that  will generate some people of Muslims to be extreme defending , this extreme defending will lead to create fanatic groups or some criminal act  , I am not defending this or that . I just say the truth

for any act has react, and extremely fanatic act from one side will generate extremely fanatic react from the second side, this the nature of things and we should concentrate in that, we have to think how we can live together, respect each other and find definition of freedom.

 the personal freedom is end when it affects the freedom of others, this should be known, you have the freedom to do what you like, to say what you like, to act as you like, but you should not affect other’s freedom. this is the boundaries of your freedom. everything should have limits otherwise it will be mess and it will be out of order; it is simple, this is the rule and if everyone understand this rule the world will change, the life will be better and we will live in peace and quiet, and the world will be less conflict and less war or may be no war, the world will be better that’s what I think and that’s what I believe 

 Mohamed Awad

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